Executive Committee Unveils Visionary Plans in Cairo for 11th FASU Games Lagos 2024 and President’s Strategy Development

Cairo, Egypt — The vibrant city of Cairo, Egypt, became the epicenter of excitement as the Executive Committee gathered on October 29, 2023, to deliberate on the preparations and strategies for the upcoming 11th FASU Games Lagos 2024. This pivotal meeting, the first physical gathering since the election in May 2023, transcended beyond sports, delving into the insightful development concept of the President’s strategy for the future of university sports in Africa.

The Executive Committee meeting served as a dynamic platform to explore both the immediate and long-term visions of FASU. The President’s strategy, unveiled during the session, captivated the attention of the attendees with its forward-thinking objectives.

The President’s strategy resonated with the committee members, who unanimously expressed their support, acknowledging its potential to transform the landscape of university sports in Africa.

As the sun set over the historic city of Cairo, the Executive Committee concluded the meeting with a shared commitment to make the 11th FASU Games Lagos 2024 an unforgettable event. Simultaneously, they pledged to work diligently towards bringing the President’s strategy to fruition. This meeting marked an essential step forward in the journey to enhance African university sports, paving the way for a brighter future for athletes and sports enthusiasts across the continent.

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