International Day of University Sport (IDUS)

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Promoting University Sports: International Day of University Sport (IDUS)

The International Day of University Sport (IDUS) was inaugurated in 2016, designating the 20th of September as a landmark day. Recognized and endorsed by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), IDUS emphasizes the integral role of sports, physical well-being, and healthy living in strengthening ties between universities and their surrounding communities.

During the month of September, FASU takes the helm in organizing a spectrum of IDUS activities within Africa. These initiatives actively involve a diverse array of university sports stakeholders and member NUSFs. More than merely showcasing sporting events, FASU leverages IDUS as a pivotal platform for facilitating dialogues around university sports and upholding its foundational values. The event stands as a beacon for global collaboration, facilitating the exchange of knowledge, best practices, and strategies to navigate the challenges and prospects within the realm of university sports.

Furthermore, IDUS serves as an invaluable mechanism for propagating critical insights and developments pertinent to the global University Sports Movement. Since IDUS was first celebrated in 2016, over 1000 IDUS-related events have been organised, with a record collective three million participants involved in the 2020 celebrations.