FASU Executive Committee meets in Chengdu City

Chengdu City, known as the host of the 31st FISU World University Games, witnessed a significant gathering as the FASU Executive Committee convened on August 7, 2023. The meeting held great importance as it also included discussions with key stakeholders, such as the Nigeria University Games Association (NUGA) and the Ghana University Sports Association, who are set to host FASU events in the 2024.

FASU 1st Vice President FASU President Mrs. Muzuva Tsitsi started the meeting with a warm welcome and gratitude for the members’ representation at the 31st FISU World University Games. The participants were acknowledged, setting a positive tone for the discussions that followed.

The session commenced with NUGA’s Acting Secretary General, Ms. Chidiebere Ezeani, delivering an insightful progress report. The report outlined both general and specific aspects of the upcoming FASU Games, slated to be hosted by Nigeria in July 2024. The presentation shed light on the planning and preparations underway for this highly anticipated event.

Further contributions came from Mr. Ibrahim Shaibu Tanko, President of the WAUG Interim, who led a delegation from Ghana. Mr. Tanko presented a comprehensive report on Ghana’s readiness for the FASU Soccer Championship.

Ms. Peninnah A. Kabenge, the FASU Secretary General, provided an update on a series of impending FASU Championships. These include the Africa University Rugby 7s and the Tennis Slam, both to be hosted by Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda. Additionally, the Badminton Championship in Mauritius and the FASU Cross Country in Kenya were highlighted as key events on the organization’s calendar for 2023.

Ms. Kabenge also took the opportunity to offer an overview of FASU’s recent achievements. Notably, the successful execution of the General Assembly and the FISU-FASU-NUSF Strategic Dialogue and the 5th Afro Varsity Basketball Challenge, hosted by University Sport South Africa, also showcased FASU’s dedication to promoting sports within the African university community.

In her address, the Secretary General underlined the significance of celebrating the International Day of University Sports, marked annually on September 20th. The importance of this celebration for universities and the broader community was highlighted, emphasizing the role of sports in fostering unity and development.

The FASU Executive Committee’s meeting in Chengdu City underscored the organization’s commitment to advancing university sports across Africa. The discussions and updates shared during this gathering pointed toward a promising future of collaboration, competition, and celebration within the realm of university sports.

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