FASU Secretary General awarding medals to the men's doubles champions. [PHOTO BY: Henry Nsekuye]

Kampala - Uganda

Day Two at the inaugural FASU Tennis Slam held at Makerere University Kampala was a frantic dash for the finish line but unlike the previous day’s outing, participants were more reserved and calculative as they set their sights on the prize medals.

Mugisha Jonathan Gilbert and Woniala Denis continued their spirited campaign to see off Kyambogo University’s Wambisha Job and Semujju Sharif by an unanswered result in the men’s doubles final. In third place was Frank Nyago and Derrick Bakunzi with Kakwano Rodney and Kakembo coming fourth.

For the ladies, it was the crafty pair of Makerere University Business School’s Khissa Sandra and Mukasa Daphine that won gold with Evelyn Achom and Teddy Onyait grabbing silver and Nakirye Mellon and Sarah Akoth taking bronze.

The icing on the cake that was the first ever FASU Tennis slam was served in both men’s and ladies’ singles finals in which Khissa Sandra and Nyago Frank separately asserted their dominance in the competition further by flawlessly trouncing their opponents making clear headway in their defense and strong service games which was more than enough to guarantee a gold medal podium finish for them.

Daphine took the silver medal with Teddy and Evelyn each getting bronze in the women’s singles. In the men’s singles, it was Woniala who bagged the silver medal while the bronze medals were awarded to Bakunzi and Mugisha.

This tennis slam will go down in the books of history as the one that ushered a fresh twist in FASU’s preparations for FISU Universiade later in July this year and all the participants and winners forever remembered as the pioneer champions of FASU tennis.

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