Delegates take a picture with the FISU and FASU presidents [Photo by Badru Katumba]

Entebbe - Uganda

The 2nd FISU-FASU strategic dialogue was held on the 23 red of March 2019 in Entebbe Uganda.


This years event themed Sharing the future by sharing the vision, had in attendance president of FISU, Oleg Matytsin, the first vise president Leonz Eder, the FASU body had in attendance, the president, Dr Micheal Malumbete Raleth, general secretary Peninnah Aligawesa, National university sports federations in the continent, and representatives from the Asian University games Association  Shen Zhen.


As part of a new look FISU policy FISU devices the strategic dialogue as a platform of sharing best practices and ensuring that everyone is moving in the same direstions, which is the personal interactions with all affiliate members to better understand the struggles of its members and device means to assist.


In his opening remarks FISU president Prof Oleg Matytsin thanked hosts The Uganda University sports and members of FASU for their hospitality. He said " FISU owes its success to the successes of all its member federations. Looking back at our first meeting two years ago in Kigali revealed some challenges, Lack of unity was probably the biggest but this seem to have taken a back seat. I encourage we all focus on our common goal:  that is the development of the whole university sports movement.


As part of the strategic dialogue, FISU answered the question on Development programs, through the Knowledge management and education staff Lilia Barieva; she re-emphasized on the support of FISU for its member National university sports federations, introducing new funding schemes for projects for NUSF's and Universities which will primarily be focused on development, governance, sports and education. The project life cycle will not be longer than 12 months for a grant of up to 5000 euros per project.


The President of the African University sports federation Dr Micheal  Malumbete Ralethe welcomed the participants while he reiterated the importance of events like this and the need to continue its cooperation in fostering growth in University sports in the continent. He said "FASU is beyond sports activities, we are the gate keepers for great leaders in the continent hence we should at all times create  positive guidelines for the growth of the students in the continent.


FASU through its general secretary Peninnah Kabenge Aligawesa  commended the last two hosts of the FASU games University of Johannesburg South Africa and Makerere University of Ethiopa, she accredited the bodies biggest achievements to the growth of the brand tag WE ARE AFRICA and the volunteer program which has been very overwhelming in the continent.


She encouraged members to nominate candidates for the various FISU scholarship schemes; "The future is in our hands so let's all do our part to ensure that its a bright and powerful future, to empower the students regardless of their sex.


The Parallel working groups and its facilitators brought the house up to date with the progress and suggestions on Education, Administration and finance, Branding, Pan-Africanism and Integration, Sports activities and the celebration of the the 2018 International day for university sports.


National university sports federations have been called on to share their celebration plans and pictures with the FISU media team for the 2019 celebrations. The international day for university sports is celebrated on the 20th of September.


The African university sports federation held its general assembly on Sunday the 24th of March 2019 with Ms Nomsa Mahlangu elected president.

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