L-R Leonz Eder, Hassan Chikh, Prof. Oleg Matytsin, Peninnah Kabenge and Shen Zhen [Photo by Badru Katumba]

Entebbe - Uganda

Part of the successes of the 2019 FISU-FASU strategic dialogue was the speech panel which sort to answer the question "what's up FISU" as it concerns the African continent.


On the panel was FISU president, Oleg Matytsin, FISU honorary member Hassan Chikh, FASU Secretary General Peninnah Kabenge and Asian University Sports Federation Secretary General Shen Zhen moderated by FISU 1st Vice President of FISU Leonz Eder.


Speaking on the influence of university sports on students Prof Oleg Matytsin said; "Sports is a key role in the molding of young lives, the role of the national university sports federations is key in building bridges between the national sports federations, the national olympics committee and the student athletes.


He reiterated the need for strategic partnerships sighting FISU's partnership with UNESCO and World Health Organization (WHO), as the body aims to have a cooperative and healthy campus.


According to the Secretary General of the Asian University sports federation Shen Zhen On combining sports and education; he related the decision of the China central government who have encouraged the development of sports at all school levels in the country as it intends to get students out of the classroom and into the fields for both physical and mental health "Sports is part of education, and both should be taken seriously, we rely on FISU to reach our goals" -Shen Zhen.


Brand management and identity has been a major struggle of the African university sports federation this is a situation that Peninnah Kabenge, FASU general secretary says the the body is making drastic movements towards rectifying, she identified the slogan "We are Africa" Nous Somme L'Afrique" as part of what the body is pushing into the continuances of the people, she also identified strategic partnerships with organizations like the African Union, The Badminton confederation of Africa, the African olympics committee etc, as moves made by the body to better position itself to achieve its goals of becoming the gatekeepers of athletic and academic success in Africa.


According to the African Union, the youth represent 40% of the world which makes sports and education a very important branch for the growth of the African continent.


The panel ended its deliberations on the agreement that a well structured system by both the NUSF's the regional bodies and FASU can go along way in placing Africa as one of the best in the world

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