• Welcome to the online registration portal for the Inaugural FASU Tennis Universities Championship to be hosted by the Association of Uganda University Sports in the City of Kampala, Uganda. The General program is expected to run from 18th - 23rd April 2019, but actual competition running for 4 days, from 19th – 22nd April.

    1. Eligibility: Athletes must be registered students of the same university aged at least 17 and less than 25 years of age in the year of the event.
    2. Payments: Each participant shall pay 25$ for accreditation. The host has subsidied the accommodation by 8$. Each participant shall therefore pay 27$ per day for accommodation fees instead of the standard 35$
    3. Napoli 2019: The championship shall be a good test ground for african participants in preparation for the Universiade 2019

    Use this platform to create an account and register your institution. Users of the platform for a previous event, are required to only signin to their accounts. In case you have forgotten your password, reset it online or contact the admin for support.


  • United States International University - Africa

    United States Internationa University - Africa also known as USIU-A is a private university in Kenya,  at the town of Mekelle in Tigray region of Northern Ethiopia , at a distance of 783 Kilometers from the Ethiopian capital.

    The university was established in 1969 as the Nairobi Campus of United States International University (USIU), a San Diego-based institution. In 1999, the United States International University, Nairobi Campus, established itself as a separate university under its new name: USIU Africa. 

    The merger the two former colleges: Mekelle Business College and Mekelle University College established the University in May 2000 by the Government of Ethiopia (Council of Ministers, Regulations No. 61/1999 of Article 3) as an autonomous higher education institution. The two colleges have their own historical developments after beginning from scratch, and have also experienced exhausting ascends and descends, with voluminous relocations from place to place.




  • About the Event Owner - Federation of Africa University Sports (FASU)

    The Federation of Africa University Sports / Fédération Africain du Sport Universitaire(FASU) is the governing body of university sport in Africa. FASU is a continental, non-governmental, non-profit organisation and is responsible for the development of sports in African universities within its jurisdiction by encouraging African governments to develop and promote sporting activities in their various universities.

    Our membership has grown to the current 37 member national university sports Federations(NUSFs). For the years of its existence FASU has organized a number of the inter-university games(even years) and championships(odd years) hosted by Institutions through member NUSFs.

    Follow the link to get more information on their website




  • About The eManager

    The eManager - Sports, is an online accreditation and event handling system. FASU has endorsed it to be used for the 8th FASU Games 2016.

    This system is a brainchild and product of Phixel Systems ltd and its partners, who only give user access to various sporting organization to manage an event through the system under agreed terms and conditions.

    We are a team of young experienced and innovative personnel dedicated to improving events management through innovation and use of appropriate technology; A business driven by passion to create change and improve information collection, storage, processing, retrieval and interpretation for better referral and tracking by creating an easy to use online accreditation system for all sports events and providing experienced personnel for event planning and management.

    Previous clients include University Sports Uganda for the 16th National University Games December 2015

    Contact us on phixelsystems@gmail.com