About the Event

Welcome to the online registration portal for the Inaugural FASU Tennis Universities Championship to be hosted by the Association of Uganda University Sports in the City of Kampala, Uganda. The General program is expected to run from 18th - 23rd April 2019, but actual competition running for 4 days, from 19th – 22nd April.

  1. Eligibility: Athletes must be registered students of the same university aged at least 17 and less than 25 years of age in the year of the event.
  2. Payments: Each participant shall pay 25$ for accreditation. The host has subsidied the accommodation by 8$. Each participant shall therefore pay 27$ per day for accommodation fees instead of the standard 35$
  3. Napoli 2019: The championship shall be a good test ground for african participants in preparation for the Universiade 2019

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