Members of the EAUSF Executive pose for a group photo after their meeting in Tanzania

Muzumbe University, TANZANIA

There are always great expectations when it comes to hearing from FASU’s regional federations. The East Africa University Sports Federation (EAUSF), which has been in existence since 1959, is still growing strong and leading in innovations concerning University Sports. According to the leadership, which recently met on 27th September 2011, there was a lot that had been accomplished and a healthy program of landmark events set ahead.


On the 27th February 2010 the East African University Sports Federation (EAUSF) held its inaugural Cross-country championships at Mbarara University of Science and Technology in Uganda. The inaugural cross country may have been just a cross-country, but it was another milestone in the calendar of activities of EAUSF. Before 1985 the East African region had been involved in a set of games at the East African level under East African University Games, East and Central African level under EACSAUSA, African level under FASU and World level under FISU. However about this time, due to volatility of the African region, and the social political climate in Africa most of these organisation hibernated.


Most recently after the successful regional games that were held in December 2010 at Kenyatta University in Kenya and saw the inclusion of activities for students with disabilities and increased numbers of women participants both as athletes and managers, the region has been looking at ways of involving maximum numbers of students in their programs. This has led to the introduction of new programs. For the first time a pool table championship will be held for the students of East Africa Universities at the University of Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania in January 2012. The pool table championship will be held concurrently with the EAUSF Badminton Championship which is aimed at giving the university students a platform to show their supremacy in the racket game. It is hoped that National University Sports Federations after this event will consider entering the excellent students in the World University Badminton Championship to be held in the city of Gwangju, Korea later that year. “It was observed in an executive committee meeting held in Makerere University, Uganda in April 2011 that our regional participation in FISU championship is still lacking and deliberate efforts have to be made to step up with quality teams.” Peninnah Kabenge the Secretary General of EAUF said.


EAUSF also realises that it boasts of academically strong manpower in the area of sports yet when it comes to delivering quality teams a lot is left to be desired. Two scientific conferenced were lined up one held from 13th -15th September 2011 in Collaboration with the Africa Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, Sports and Dance (AFAHPER-SD). AFAHPER-SD is the premier forum in Africa for the presentation of new advances, innovations and research results in the fields of Physical Education, Recreation and Sport Science. The aim of this conference was to bring together scholars, government agencies and students from all areas of applied sport, recreation and integrated health sciences, including epidemiology, biomechanics, sports medicine, training methods, nutrition, and physical education. The conference also provided a platform for various stakeholders, including event organizers, media, sponsors, government officials, and sport federations to have a critical dialogue, debate and exchange information and ideas that contribute to building and enhancing their areas of specialization. Internationally recognized keynote speakers and panelists were invited to the conference. The theme of this conference was, addressing challenges in sport research, physical activity and recreation to meet the millennium development goals (MDGs)

The second International Conference is scheduled to take place 2nd - 4th December 2011 again in Kampala, Uganda. It will be held under the auspices of the African Sport Management Association and seeks to share knowledge with other African nations beyond the East Africa region. 


As a build up to the 8th East Africa University Games that is scheduled to take place in December 2012 in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, each National University Sports Federation in the founding EAUSF will hold their national University Games which are going to be used as qualifers for participation in the EAU Games, All Africa University Games to be held in September 2012 in Dakar, Senegal and eventually produce formidable teams for the World University Games which is still a big challenge.

In an executive committee meeting held on 27th September 2011 at Mzumbe University in Tanzania to consider the way forward for University sports in this region during 2012 concerns were raised on the best way to encompass all members within the graeter East African region. Countries like Seychelles, Djiobuti, Eriteria, Somalia, Ethiopia, Burundi and Rwanda have lagged behind hence a need to strategically bring them on board. Members appreciated the economic and political challenges that are responsible for such a trend and agreed to give it maximum attention to make a difference.


Other events that the EAUSF executive committee has line up for the students of East Africa and envisaged to prepare the students for bigger engagements are: the EAUSF Cross Country Championship, in Kenya in February 2012;East Africa University Female Games, Masaka, Uganda will be held from 8th -11th March 2012 in a bid to promote females in sports participation at all levels; and the East Africa University Athletics Grand Prix, Dar Es Salaam Tanzania, August 2012.


On the political arena 20th January 2012 will be a day when the new executive committee of the East Africa University Sports Federation for the period 2012-2015 will be determined during an Elective General Assembly. Prof. Jacob Stanley Nteere who has been the President for the region for the past eight years will not be seeking another term, neither will Mrs. Peninnah Aligawesa Kabenge who has served the federation since 1999 as the Secretary General. Both university dons will be passing on the baton to concentrate on FASU affairs among others.

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