Members of the FASU EC pose for a photo after the meetings

Pretoria, South Africa

Since their elections in August 2010 in Kampala, the FASU Executive Board had held its first meeting in Dakar, Senegal at the end of October 2010. It was therefore deemed necessary to meet at FASU headquarters in South Africa.


The meeting held from 7th -9th July 2011 at the City Lodge, Pretoria saw all members of the Executive Committee present in addition to other members who were to attend subcommittee sessions aimed at propelling FASU to greater heights. In attendance was Mrs. Germaine Forbisse Zambo from Cameroon to report on the progress of University Sports in Central Africa, Dr. Ahmed Farouk from Egypt a member of the Strategic Planning Committee and with the responsibility of coordinating the Arab African Countries and bring them to the FASU fold. Mr. Michael Anastaste Dantekpon from Benin was also in attendance as a member of the FASU Constitutional review committee.


The members started business on 8th July 2011 by paying a courtesy call to the University Sports South Africa (USSA) offices situated at the Blue Bulls Rugby Stadium. In his welcome remarks the President of USSA Prince Andile Majeke welcomed members to the headquarters of FASU, wishing them well during their deliberations on matters concerning University Sports in Africa and which in the long run impact significantly on all spheres of life. He challenged the executive committee to lead on the continent and show how sport is run and must be shaped in Africa. He appreciated the challenges of the federation and the successes which FASU needs to celebrate. He noted that unity between African countries is being achieved and FASU has the task of driving university sports to recognition in the world. He noted that sports played an important role in the liberation of South Africa and would like to see the focus shifted to Africa University Sport.


The executive board members also watched the finals of the basketball matches of the National University Championship at the University of Pretoria.


Despite the fact that members also engaged in the cultural and educational programs they did not shoulder off the main reason of meeting in South Africa. They worked up to late on 8th and 9th July 2011. For the betterment of FASU, members passionately commended the improved communication and the professionalism that FASU has taken. The various committees meeting discussed and presented to the executive board compilations of proposals and timelines on the following matters; strategic plan, constitution review, organizing and realigning of FASU regions. 


With Senegal getting ready to host the General Assembly, Scientific Conference and the FASU Games in 2012, Africa is getting ready to shine both on the world scene and on the continent.

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