Africa is currently divided into 5 zones so as to give opportunities for the students to compete regularly.

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FASU Members

Country NUSF Region Joined  
Algeria F.A.S.U NORTH 1971 Profile
Angola FANDU CUCSA 1978 Profile
Benin U.O.E WAUG Profile
Botswana BOTESA CUCSA Profile
Burkina Faso USU.BF WAUG 2008 Profile
Congo, The Democratic Republic U.C.O.S.U CENTRAL 1971 Profile
Egypt EUSF NORTH 1971 Profile
Ethiopia EPUSA EAUSF 2010 Profile
Gambia UTGSA WAUG 2015 Profile
Ghana GUSA WAUG 1971 Profile
Ivory Coast OISSU WAUG 2015 Profile
Kenya KEN EAUSF 1971 Profile
Lesotho LUCSA CUCSA 1978 Profile
Malawi TESSAM CUCSA Profile
Mozambique FEDEEMS CUCSA Profile
Namibia TISAN CUCSA Profile
Nigeria NUGA WAUG 1971 Profile
Senegal UASSU WAUG 1978 Profile
Sierra Leone SL WAUG 2014 Profile
South Africa RSA CUCSA Profile
Sudan NORTH 2015 Profile
Swaziland CUCSA Profile
Tanzania, United Republic of TZ EAUSF 1971 Profile
Uganda UGA EAUSF 1971 Profile
Zambia ZAFUCS CUCSA 1971 Profile
Zimbabwe ZUSA CUCSA Profile